Untitled II / Correlation of Movement and Emotions

Focused on the relations between Body Motion and Emotion, Walid’s emotional abstractions illustrate the elements of motor executions and observation of movements, the analysis based on Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) is focused on expressing profound emotions throughout action painting.

Walid believes that characterized movements whose execution enhances each of the basic emotions: anger, fear, happiness, and sadness and therefore could be used for emotion regulation. In two-part, the first part focus on demonstrating the result of small-scale work and what the consequences are ( Small-scale canvas tend to create anxiety as it requires a more controlled movement). The second part is to solve the anxiety created, scaling up to a wider and bigger platform. The perception of a moment in life field with a wide range of emotions expressed through predominant vertical painting gestures as a representation of the relationships and encounters between individuals whether physical or emotional (As meeting a person for the first time you’d observe them vertically and not horizontal).

Walid displays himself onto his painting as a physical person. With a litany of non-traditional tools, including palette knife, brooms, and branches, from a certain angle, he recreates the light in the use of Brushed Black the representation of a complex pursue of confidence is present by the use of gold leaves covered with oil and acrylic paint.

His paintings present a sense of social of empressement, reflection, a personal and emotional study.